Setting goals for your next corporate party

You’re planning the next party for your office and making a list of everything that you’ll need to make the day a success.  You’ll need a venue, a theme, party favors, maybe a keynote speaker, games and activities, food, and staff.  But when you’re thinking about all these material needs, it’s easy to lose sight of your intangible objectives.  Before you can host a successful party, you need to have your goals in order.

“The goal of the party is to have fun!” you might say.  Okay, so that’s one goal that’s pretty easy to set.  But there are other goals you need to take into consideration, too.  When you throw a party for your company, you are usually trying to achieve one or more important aims.  After all, throwing parties costs money.  And whether or not your party is a good investment is going to depend on whether you have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve.

What are some goals you should be thinking about before you even start planning the details of your event?

Teamwork Building and Employee Bonding

One of the biggest advantages of throwing a party for your employees is that you are giving them a chance to bond outside the office environment.  When we’re in our cubicles, most of us develop certain behavior patterns which are appropriate to the workplace.  Ironically, though, this can keep us from really getting to know our co-workers, and can end up resulting in social barriers that end up making the office less productive.

When you plan your next event, think about how you can strengthen bonds between co-workers with fun, challenging team building exercises.  Those exercises should not only create intellectual challenges for participants, but also challenge the walls that co-workers build around themselves in the workplace.  The goal is to boost productivity and camaraderie between corporate team members which will have a real impact when they return to the office on Monday morning.

Fun for Families

Are you inviting the spouses and children of your employees to your event?  If so, then don’t forget to include them in the party planning right from the beginning.  They don’t just represent additional mouths to feed and place settings; they also may have different needs in terms of entertainment.  A corporate event which is fun for adults but dull for their children will not be as successful as one that all ages can enjoy.  Show your employees that you care about their dependents, and you will forge greater loyalty in the workplace.


While parties are meant to be fun, ask yourself whether you have any more serious goals you wish to address during your event.  Do you plan to hand out awards to standout employees?  If so, you may want to think of a way to integrate this aspect of the event into the party’s tone so that the employees you are honoring feel they are getting the recognition they deserve.  For situations like these, more formal parties may be best.

Corporate Culture and Company Pride

Your party should fit into the corporate culture which your employees are accustomed to.  Also remember that every time you host an event, you are adding to that culture and continuing to shape it.  Think about the kind of message you want to send.  Do you want your employees and associates to see your company as a fun, trendy, exciting workplace?  Or would you prefer a more laid-back image, or maybe a more traditional, sedate corporate tone?  Think about your company demographics as well as your practices in the workplace when you set the tone.

Brand Awareness

This aspect of party planning applies to some events, but not all.  If your event is for your own employees only, there’s really no need to concern yourself with brand awareness.  If you are going to have clients, customers, associates, and members of the public or press in attendance, though, think about ways to integrate your logo and company colors with your décor.  Also come up with useful party favors which can remind attendees of your company after they leave at the end of the event.  Is it important that entertainment include cutting edge technology?  Your party makes a statement to everyone who attends, so look for ways to instill brand awareness in outsiders and cement corporate culture for members of your company.

Your first goal when you are throwing a corporate event is always to entertain your attendees, but as you can see, there are a number of secondary goals worth considering before you get into the details of planning.  Your goals determine the tone of your event, and from there you can choose a theme which is suitable.  From there you can work out the other details, like the venue you want to host the event in, the catering you plan to order, and the activities you want to provide.  It all starts with a vision.  Once you have that in mind, you’re ready to work with an event planner to line up all the details for the perfect corporate party!

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