7 fun ideas for corporate picnic parties

There is nothing quite like the first few weeks of spring when you feel the air starting to warm up. This is the perfect time of year to host a corporate picnic party—or start planning one for the summer. Everyone in the office loves getting outdoors for an afternoon or evening of fun, and an outdoor picnic party is a great way to thank your employees for all of their hard work over the past year. San Francisco has wonderful temperate weather at this time of year. Every party works best with a theme, though. What are some exciting and easy theme ideas for your next picnic party?

  • Hawaiian/beach theme. Everybody loves a beach party—on or off the beach! No matter where you choose to set up, your employees will have a great time celebrating with tropical leas, grass skirts, limbo dancing competitions, hula dance lessons, and more. The music of a steel drum or Reggae band can complete the ensemble, creating the perfect island atmosphere for a fun afternoon or evening!
  • Carnival theme. One of the easiest and most versatile themes which are very appropriate for summer is a carnival. Everybody loves a fun fair, and carnival themes are mainstays for corporate parties for a good reason. They offer a delightful experience for the whole family, and it is easy to create the carnival ambiance with red and white tents and booths and fun old fashioned carnival games. Carnival food is also very affordable, which makes it a cost-effective theme choice!
  • Old time American picnic. This theme is closely related to the carnival theme in that it evokes a nostalgic atmosphere which your guests will instantly enjoy. Add a delicious buffet with traditional picnic foods (don’t forget the apple pie with generous scoops of ice cream) to the carnival food, and replace the carnival games with hoop rolling, a baked goods competition, relays, and similar games. A bake-off can add to the fun. Try and get everybody involved in the culinary experience!
  • Sports picnics. Have a lot of active team members who love watching or participating in sports? A sports-themed summer picnic can be a lot of fun, and also makes for perfect teambuilding exercises. Relays, volleyball, softball, and other fun games make it easy to entertain everybody at your party with the spirit of constructive competition.       Make sure you have some less demanding activities ready for other members of your team who may not be as active.
  • A Taste of the World. Imagine your own mini-Epcot. Okay, not the rides and the buildings, but the food is easy enough to manage. You can also feature entertainment which fits with the international cuisine theme.       For example, a Mariachi band can represent Mexico, and acrobats can represent China. This theme never gets old.
  • BBQ cook-off. Summer BBQ parties are popular in backyards across San Francisco. Why not take that same idea and make it into a theme for your next corporate picnic? You can simply feature BBQ as the cuisine, and host other fun picnic games and competitions, or you can really heat things up by making it into a cook-off. Encourage everybody in the company to try their hand at cooking, and make sure to add some veggie options like tofu.
  • English garden party. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back and relaxed, or possibly something more ceremonial, consider setting up a traditional English garden party. Feature fun but gentrified games like croquet, and consider serving traditional English entrees as well. Dress up the catering team in style, and enjoy. This is a perfect choice if you want to host a fancy awards ceremony or another formal event.
At Too Much Fun Club, we can take care of all the complex details of organizing for you so that you can concern yourself with having fun! We are able to provide all the entertainment, music, food, catering, games, and staffing to make any of the above spring or summer picnic themes a success. Have another idea in mind? Give us a call. We love doing new themes, and we can’t wait to work with you to plan your perfect corporate picnic party!

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