10 reasons to include team building exercises at your next corporate party

What kinds of activities do you typically include as part of your corporate gatherings?  While you may think of a party as all fun and games, some of those games can actually help you to boost the productivity of your business.  Corporate parties are the perfect setting for teambuilding exercises.  At a party, your employees are having fun and may be more excited about activities which help to build trust and communication between coworkers.

When people are enjoying themselves, they are better positioned to bond with one another and learn.  And then when they get back to the office, they take those lessons with them, as well as the sense of camaraderie and fun that they felt at the party.  Here are 10 reasons to offer your employees some fun activities for team building at your next party:

  1. Improve group communication.

One reason to offer team building exercises is to give your employees a chance to learn how to communicate more effectively.  Communication is a challenge for many employees.  Some employees struggle to speak up for themselves, while others have a hard time clearly bringing their message across to co-workers.  Communication exercises can help these employees to step out of their shell and learn to express themselves, and to listen to others.

  1. Bring together employees who seldom work together.

In the office, there are often strongly established patterns, and those patterns influence who works with whom.  Take employees out of their established work circles and have them team up with employees in other departments to achieve a goal.  That way the next time you need to ask an employee to work with a different department, the experience will be better for everyone.

  1. Get employees out of their comfort zones.

The above is just one example of a way in which you can pull employees away from their established comfort zones.  At work we put up a lot of barriers based on habit.  Those barriers may hold coworkers at arm’s length, however, and are often bad for the organization.  Get your employees to step outside of their habits and learn something new, and you may find yourself with a more innovative workforce.

  1. Identify and develop roles within a team.

Some employees are natural leaders, while others work best in support roles.  There are numerous roles to fill within any given team.  Teambuilding exercises are a great opportunity for employees to discover their strengths and for organization leaders to find out what their employees excel at as well.  Come up with activities that develop existing roles, but also try out activities that take employees out of their standard roles.  Not only can this help some employees to find out about skills and attributes they never knew they possessed, but it can also help others to appreciate the roles of their fellow teammates.

  1. Improve skills.

Different types of group activities can help employees to work on developing different skills which are used around the workplace.  Many team activities are built around general skills like communication and empathy, but others may be more specialized in nature.  Any time you can come up with a fun way for employees to learn and grow, you will achieve better results.

  1. Develop emotional intelligence.

What’s your EQ?  A lot of people know their own IQs, but not that many are familiar with the idea of an emotional intelligence quotient.  Around the workplace, low EQs can cause ongoing conflicts.  Teambuilding exercises are one way you can help your team members to develop higher EQs.

  1. Build team relationships.

Most people can benefit from a little healthy, positive competition.  Excelling in a competitive setting provides a sense of accomplishment and helps to build a sense of shared experiences and goals among team members.  Think back over the times in your life you felt a really powerful connection to someone.  A lot of the time, it was because you had some kind of a shared hardship or accomplishment, right?  This is why sports teams are often so tight-knit.  Teambuilding exercises in a fun, positive setting can develop this same sense of solidarity.

  1. Develop problem-solving skills.

Problem solving is one of those general skills which is necessary in any sector of business.  Every employee is going to have to bring their creative intelligence to the fore at some point or another to solve a problem.  Teambuilding exercises that involve problem solving not only teach employees how to get the most out of their own ingenuity, but also how to collaborate with team members to receive external input.

  1. Teach employees to excel under pressure.

Many group activities at corporate parties have short time limits.  This is done to keep the pace of the party moving along and so as not to bore workers.  But it is also done in order to teach employees how to collaborate to solve a puzzle or achieve another goal within a short window of time.  Deadlines pose challenges for many, but practice can help workers to thrive under stress.

  1. Recognize employees for their achievements.

Just as everybody loves to win at a competition, everyone loves some recognition for what they do well.  As a leader within your organization, you can take some time to recognize and reward team members for their contributions during group activities at corporate parties.  You can even have department heads reward members of their own departments.  This helps to strengthen ties between employees and supervisors.

Those are just ten reasons to consider adding some teambuilding exercises to your next corporate party schedule.  You will find a lot of great ideas for teambuilding exercises online.  Read some ideas for team exercises for developing communication skills here.  Still need some inspiration?  Have some specific areas you want your employees to work on?  We can work with you to develop a customized set of teambuilding exercises for your next party which are both practical and enjoyable.

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