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About Too Much Fun Club

Too Much Fun Club, Inc. is a full-service event planning and entertainment company specializing in corporate picnics and holiday events. We've been doing business in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area since 1992. Our one-stop, personalized service provides you with everything you need for a successful and memorable company event. Our services are extensive and can be tailored for any specific needs.

We will help you find and secure the perfect venue; select and execute a wonderful theme; provide gourmet food and beverage selections that will compliment any theme or appetite; find the best in entertainment for both young and old; coordinate and organize all the events and activities; and manage the event from set-up to tear-down.

Great resources and the ability to match unique venues, entertainment and food to fit your need.  Outstanding customer service and execution.  Craig, Bridgette & their team have pull together large sophisticated holiday parties for major companies where I worked, and beach parties too 1000 guests. I have also used them to handle my personal parties in my home for 75 to 100 guests. They will work with your budget constraints in a very realistic and painless manner. - Dave B.

I have been working with TMFC for 3 years now. They have helped us arrange small events in our office as well as full-scale Holiday parties and Summer Picnics. They make my job of arranging events so much easier. They have done a great job of finding unique venues, great event vendors, and their on-site staff is always amazing. I look forward to our events now that I don't have to spend the whole party working! - Deja D

I can't say enough about Craig and Bridget Russel's company - Too Much Fun Club. I had our company picnic today - organized by these guys - who did such a good job. Their motto is "we do all the work so you can have too much fun" and it is 100% true. If you've ever organized a party for 400 of your closest friends, you'll understand the beauty of having to do nothing but show up (and sign a release in case a four year old child gets hurt in the bounce-house). And, what's even better, is that people thank you all day for the wonderful picnic and you know you spent about 3 hours on it. OK, that's a little self-serving, but, whatever! Seriously, they are the best. They do parties in the city too. -Annie C